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GO Wilde Adventures


Scotch Broom Basketry

Come make beautiful baskets from Scotch Broom on Thursday, June 8 from 6:30-8:30 in Courtenay. This style can be used to make vases, large baskets or small baskets. Participants must register ahead of time to ensure there are materials for everyone. Exact location will be emailed to registrants. We will be outdoors but there is a rain sheltered area if needed. Please bring cushions or camp chairs. The workshop is $20 but no will will be turned away for lack of funds - please get in touch if you would like a discounted rate. 

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Fire Making

Fire making can encompass oil lamps using sea shells, starting a fire with a ferro rod, knife methods to create kindling, varieties of tinder and their uses as well as DIY fire starters and so much more.

Closer to Nature

Noticing Nature Walks

Wilderness bingo and sensory games get participants to observe their area closely. The "wall of green" becomes notable plants. Animal tracks or sign can be identified. Mushrooms noted and their families and relationships are discussed. Bird behaviour explains how they observe us as we wander through nature.

Kids in the Garden

Basic Survival and Safety

Learn how to set up a tarp, collect water and what goes into a survival kit. Low budget items such as garbage bags can help you immensely for nearly everything necessary! Some very important tips to know if your outdoor day trip becomes an accidental overnight, and how to prevent this.


About the instructor

Jess Wilde is passionate about wilderness survival skills. She loves to combine traditional skills with modern tools, and serious instruction with educational games. She has taught people from ages 7-55 and is a wilderness skills enthusiast. In her spare time you can find her doing anything from hiking and foraging to making tools and baskets.



"Several years ago Jess began to inspire me with her knowledge and enthusiasm for identifying and using plants and fungi. She is adventurous and has an infectious love of nature. It has been empowering for me to learn from her- and also fun"

Kate Sowiak

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Paul Kirtley

Paul Kirtley is from the UK and his blog is filled with informative and inspirational articles. This article discusses pushing your comfort zone and why you should never stop learning.

Curated Collection Of Journalism And Research

Forest bathing is a newer term for immersing yourself in the wilderness. Studies are being conducted on the effects on stress levels and happiness levels.

The Incredibly Simple Way To Get People To Care About The Environment

" shows...people who spend time in nature — urbanites and outdoorsy types alike — are more likely to engage in environmentally friendly behaviors"

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