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Past Events

Knowledge for Every Level


Nature Museum

Want to learn about animals and traditional skills? 
Want a fun, educational activity for all ages?
We believe the funnest way to learn is hands-on and asking questions! Adam Hope, naturalist with a BSc in Animal Biology and Jess Wilde, wilderness educator, will be bringing the coolest natural items they have made or found.


Noticing Nature Walk

Learn about local animals. Spot tracks, signs of passage and discover their behaviour.
Learn about edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms.


Thiel's Greenhouse Nature Day

Collaboration of a falconer, entomology specialists and Jess Wilde at Thiel's Greenhouse in Bruderheim.

kids nature day.jpg

Kids Nature Day At The Food Forest

  • Nature Connection Exercises

  • Exploring Edible And Medicinal plants

  • Predator Vs. Prey Tag Game

  • Food Forest

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